I Have A Dream 我有一个梦想 I Have a Dream 菲林格尔总经理 刘敦银 很高兴,今天大家都坐在这里,17年前,菲林格尔家族与新发展集团结缘,因为拥有共同的梦想,我们今天得以坐在这里,庆典只是这个梦想路上的一个节点,我们来到这里,除了追忆过去,更是见证此刻。我谨代表菲林格尔董事会向各位远道而来的朋友们、伙伴们,表示最热烈的欢迎。 Today, I am veryhappy that everybody is here. 17 years ago, The Vohringer Family and New DevelopmentGroup started their long journey to work together, and we are gathering herenow for our common dream. This celebration is only a milestone in the journeyto pursue our dream. We are coming here today not only looking back to thepast, but also witnessing this big moment. I would like to welcome all of youfar from here on behalf of the Vohringer board of directors! 相信很多人在接到我们邀请函,看到庆典主题的时候,脑海里呈现的画面一定是带有色彩,却又难以聚焦的记忆和憧憬。也许会有人说,社会很现实,梦想值多少钱?来点实在的,在这里我要告诉大家,无论在任何时候,我们永远都不能丢弃梦想,因为她不仅饱含着曾经沧海的脆弱,历经磨难的未来,她更是我们人生旅程的印记和希望。梦想,的确唯美而又飘渺。如果说17年前的梦想还有些模糊,那么今天,这个梦想已经描绘得如此清晰。成为全球木制品行业真正的国际化家居品牌, 不断的为全球的消费者提供优质健康的生活方式。 When you receivedour invitation, I believe that many of you were sure to have pictures in yourmind which had a lot of memories and expectations. Maybe someone will ask howmuch is a dream worth in a very practical society? To be honest with all ofyou, we shall never give up our dream at any time. Because we have experiencedseveral huge challenges in the past, and we will certainly face more in thefuture. Most of all, our dream is the hope and impression in our life journey. Dreamis beautiful and unreal. If the dream 17 years ago is still kind of unreal, butnow we can touch the dream. Today Vohringer has become the internationalfurniture brand in the world, and it continues to provide good and healthy lifestyle to the consumers on the earth. 各位亲爱的朋友,今天,我们在这里相聚,欢庆我们菲林格尔亚洲总部建成。然而重拾记忆时,我们还在梦想的路上苦苦追寻,在坐的,老员工最早有99年入职的,代理商最早有98年加盟的,供应商最早有97年合作的,这一路上,有你们陪伴,我们深感欣慰,你们见证了我们成长的曲折,也给了我们无尽的支持,在这里,请允许我代表菲林格尔董事会向各位致以最诚挚的谢意(深鞠一躬)……当然,未来我们还将携手,但是我们必须看到,在梦想的路上,布满了荆棘与障碍。 Dear friends,today, we are gathering here, to celebrate the establishment of Vohringer’s Asia headquarters. However, thinking back, we are stillpursing earnestly on the way of our dreams. The employees here, the earliestone who joined the company was in 1999, the earliest agent -joined in 1998, theearliest supplier started corporation since 1997. On this path, with yourcompany, we feel delighted; you witnessed the circuitous of our growth, andalso gave us endless support. Here, please allow me representing Vohringer’sboard of directors, to express our sincerest thanks to you all… Surely, in thefuture, we will still hold our hands, but we have to see, on the way of dreams,it full of thorns and obstacles. 我们不大,但正在变的臃肿而又官僚,无序和特权;我们固步自封,总是出现不断指责和抱怨,相互推卸并刚愎自用,难以改变固有的思维模式;我们以贵族自居,高高在上,南腔北调,中国人,外国人,抽着香烟喝着咖啡,无视市场的风云变幻,热衷于个人英雄主义和机会主义;我们虚有其表,随波逐流,正在忘记最初的梦想,丢失品牌最可贵的工业精神;我们内心变得越来越不确定,与很多伙伴的合作友谊正在接受严酷的考验,遭受菲林格尔历史上最严重的信任危机。有些时候,我们正在背离梦想,越走越远…… We are not big, butwe are becoming bloated and bureaucratic, full of privilege and out of order;we are stuck in the past, blaming and complaining appear constantly, absolveoneself from responsibilities and self-willed, hard to change the inheritedmode of thinking; We consider ourselves as noble, standhigh abovethe masses,Chinese, foreigners, smoking and drinking coffee, ignore the changeable market,be keen on personal heroism and opportunism; our ostentation and going with theflow attitude made us forgetting our initial dream, losing the most precious industrialspirit of the brand; our heart is becoming more and more uncertain, our cooperation friendship with many partnersnow are under harsh testing, we are experiencing the most serious trust crisisin Vohringer’s history. Sometimes, we are deviating from our dream, further andfurther away…… 我们需要追求卓越,我们需要不断的改革,我们不能忘记过去和历史。我们需要不断的学习德国的经验,我们也需要结合中国的实际状况,我们需要了解事实,我们需要寻求真相,因为世界每天都在变!我们必须拥抱变化,但谁都不是唯一的真理,更不是救世主。这是我们所有人都必须遵守的! We need to pursueexcellence, we need constant reform, and we should not forget past and history.We need to continuously study from our German company’s experience, we alsoneed to combine withChina’sactual situation, we need to know the reality, we need to seek the truth,because the world changes every day! We have to embrace change, but no one isthe only truth, not the savior. All of us must obey! 我有幸曾经看到这样一组发黄的老照片,我们菲林格尔的老董事长,霍曼先生亲自驾驶叉车,第一任总经理在生产线上手持测尺聚精会神,技术总监亲自下厨房……五周年庆的时候,车间里用工作台拼成了简易的餐桌,角落里支着架子烤着肉,工人和领导同堂喝着啤酒吃着肉,一副上下同心,其乐融融的场面,这些都让我非常非常的感动,那个时候,我们的目标是如此清晰,我们的干劲是如此蓬勃,我们对于物质的要求是如此朴素。 I had a chance tosee a group of yellow old photos: the old Chairman of Vohringer, Mr. Hermann drivingthe trucklift by himself, the first General Manager concentrating with the measuringruler on the production line, the technical director cooking in the kitchen…….Whenit turned to the fifth anniversary celebration, workbenches in the workshop wereused to set up a simple table, meat was roasting in the corner, workers andleaders were drinking beer & eating meat in the same room, picture of a solidarity& harmony atmosphere, all of these made me very touched, in that time, ourgoals were so clear, our motivation is so vigorous and our requirement ofmaterial is so simple. 我们都难以接受,快乐的时光是如此的短暂,曾经风起云涌的经济大潮逐渐退去,高速发展的GDP逐渐被经济转型所代替,我们更难以适应的是30年飞速发展和从未停止的印钞机突然被改变经济增长方式所代替的时候,就是如此我们在不经意间突然面对的今天,我们不知所措。没有了持续的固定资产投资,没有了疯狂的造城运动,没有了蜂拥而入的流动性国际货币,没有了建材市场熙熙攘攘的人群,没有了坐在专卖店里轻松签单的兴奋,我们就像在一夜间失去了所有。而这些,不是上帝给我们的背叛,是我们在时光的美好中喜形于色,忘却了抬头看看天,疏漏于看看明天的天气。世界每天都在变,但机会永远存在,存在于时刻准备着拥抱变化的人!夫以铜为镜,可以正衣冠;以古为镜,可以知兴替;以人为镜,可以明得失,以史为镜,可以知兴衰。 It’s hard for allof us to accept, the happy time was so short, and the great economic trendfading gradually, the once rapid developing GDP being replaced by economic transitionprogressively, the more difficult to accept is: the rapid developing 30 yearsand never stopped currency printing machine are suddenly being replaced bychanging the pattern of economic growth. That’s why when facing today suddenly,we are lost. Without constant fixed assets investment, without crazy movement,without International monetary liquidity pouring in, without the crowd at theconstruction materials market, without the excitement of signing contractseasily by sitting in the franchised store, we are like losing everythingovernight. And all of these, are not betrays brought by God, it was us whosmile loudly in good times, but we forgot to look up the sky, missed to looktomorrow’s weather. The world is changing everyday, but opportunity always exists,it exists among people which are ready to embrace changes! Take copper asmirror, we can rectify dress; draw lessons from history, we can know dynastieschanged; take person as mirror, we can understand advantages and disadvantages,take history as mirror, we can know the rise and fall. 而我们此刻,请抚摸一下自己的内心,我们准备好了吗?我们还在为自己的失落寻找借口和指责别人吗?我们了解过去的天时地利人和吗?我们具备谋划将来,顺势明道优术的视野和格局吗?请放下你固执而高傲的内心。 And now, at thismoment, let us touch our heart, and ask: are we ready? Are we still looking forexcuses and blaming other people for our loss? Have we got to know thefavorable climatic, geographical and human conditions in the past? Do we havethe future view and know the situation? Do we have the capability of planningthe future, follow the trend, understand the direction and improve thetechniques? Please put down the stubborn and proud of you heart. 我自从去年加入菲林格尔后,出差去过很多地方,大家都非常礼貌的接待我,就像迎接贵宾一样,我很感激并很珍惜。有人唾沫横飞的向我描述过往的种种辉煌;有人感慨时间是把杀猪刀,一晃眼最唯美的年华给了菲林格尔;有人总结自己的人生,过了五十知天命,菲林格尔几乎就是自己的一辈子;有人自从小有成就后就迷失了方向,一直寻寻觅觅。总之,我从大家眼中看到的是,大家更多的是兴奋与菲林格尔过去是多么的美好,但都模糊于这一路走来的沉浮。其实打心眼里我更享受酒过三巡,大家放下戒备侃侃而谈,无论动听刺耳,无论温顺激烈,以理性,依实际,谈目标、找出路,寻求发展的真理,交流思想,碰撞观念。我相信这是我们最期待的共同寻求梦想的过程,尽管我们永远无法完整的统一思想,但我们完全可以完整的统一目标,因为我们在实现每一片产品的业务过程中,我们共同挥洒了汗水和泪水,共同倾注了我们的专注和忍耐,共同承担了我们的责任和义务,我们才共同收获了一点回报,聚沙成塔,集腋成裘,每一笔订单,每一户销售,每时每刻,我们都在不同的地方共同建筑同一个梦想。 Since I joinedVohringer last year, I have been to many places. People all treated me verypolitely and generously as a distinguished guest, and I am very grateful andvalue those a lot. Someone described the past prosperity to me excitedly;someone sighed that the time past so fast that he had already devoted most ofthe time when he was young to Vohringer; someone summarized that when peoplepast their 50-year-old, they would know what would go on for the rest of theirlife, and they almost spent all of their life in Vohringer; someone was alwayslooking for something since they succeed and later lost their direction of thefuture. To sum up, what I got from all of the people is that they are moreexcited that how Vohringer was wonderful in the past, and they do not emphasizetoo much on the ups and downs in our journey. Actually I prefer a free andopening talk with all of the people after a couple of drinks. No matter howterrible or good the words sound like and no matter how gentle or fierce thetalk is like, we should seek the truth of development based on practicalsituation and sense as well as exchanging ideas. I believe that is how weexpect to pursue our dream. We can unite our targets though we cannot unite ouropinions. When we make every piece of our products, we pay a lot of energy andhard-working, and we also take our responsibility and duty. Then, together we get a little reward. We aremaking the same dream come true in different places everyday and every moment. Wecare our every single order and customer. 如果你是亲历者,如果你是上述的一份子,相信你一定深有感触,我虽然是倾听者,后来者,但是,透过你们照片中灿烂的笑容,描述中神采飞扬,不知所措的迷茫和观望迟疑的犹豫,我能够读出深藏于你们内心里曾经的光荣与梦想,那份追逐梦想途中痛并快乐着的惬意。说实话,我羡慕你们,羡慕你们每一个有过此心历路程的同仁,但我更要告诉你们,潮水已经退去,我们必须穿上裤子! You must have adeep feeling of what I just said if you experienced those by yourself. Throughyour shining smile in the picture, confused look and hesitation in yourdescription, I know your old honor and dream in the bottom of your heart, aswell as your happy and painful enjoyment when you pursue your dream. To behonest, I admire all of you because every one of you has such experience. Butnow I want to tell you the past has already gone, we must face the future. 没有过去的梦想,所以我更加珍惜今天的梦想,所以,我有一个梦想,我希望与大家共同分享: I care more abouttoday’s dream. Now I would like to share my dream with all of you: 我梦想,我们的公司未必很大,但一定是一家专业高效的公司,我们坚持追求卓越,不断的实现新的高度; I dream of, ourcompany is not very big, but it must be a professional and efficient company, weinsist on pursuing the excellence, and constantly achieve new heights.      我梦想,我们的公司是一家具有多元文化,无论职位高低,无论中国外国,无论肤色,无论地域,开放度很高的公司,尊重公司规则,尊重相互的文化,我们尊重所有人,我们被所有人尊重。   I dream of, ourcompany is a multi-culture, regardless of the position, no matter Chinese orforeigner, regardless of the color, regardless of the region, a highly openedcompany, respect the company’s regulations, respect each others’ culture, werespect everyone, and we receive others’ respect.      我梦想,我们所有的人都能像兄弟姐妹一样亲密无间、上下同心、坦诚相对;   I dream of, all ofus could like brothers and sister close to each other, have the same heart andhonest to each other;      我梦想,我们的领导无论做到多高,都能随时放下身段,回归一线,和员工打成一片;   I dream of, nomatter how high the position of our leaders, we can still be humble and getalong with junior staff.      我梦想,我们的领导都能以身作则,敢于承担错误,善于自我纠错,严于律己,宽以待人;   I dream of, ourleaders can all be a good example to others, daring to face the mistakes,self-improved, self-disciplined, and nice.      我梦想,我们的团队每天都目标清晰,斗志昂扬,无论多么艰难,绝不放弃;   I dream of, ourteam has a clear target everyday in a good passion. No matter how hard thedifficulty will be, they shall never give up.      我梦想,我们的所有人爱护荣誉如同生命,欣赏强者,帮助弱者。   I dream of, all ofus care their honor like life. We appreciate the strong ones and help the weakones.      这就是我们菲林格尔新的黄金十年。   This is the nextten golden years for our Vohringer.      如今,我们的梦想已经扬帆启航,组织变革、提升组织效率;重塑企业战略,推进商业模式转型;引进并推行强大的ERP系统,实现更多的数据化管理技术;优化生产工艺,控制成本上升;优化产品结构,保持产品领先;深化运营管理,持续推进专业协同力、利益驱动力、最完美客户体验。实现菲林格尔持续性的增长。   Now, we are closerto our dream. The organization reform raises the efficiency, and the enterprisestrategy remodel pushes the business mode to be changed; bring in and implementthe powerful ERP system, to achieve more digital management techniques. Thebetter producing technique controls the cost, and the improved productstructure can keep the product on top. The further operation managementcontinues to enhance the professional cooperation, beneficial drive, andperfect customer experience. All of these above realize the continuing growthof Vohringer.      我相信,未来三年,我们将看到,有更多的人分享成功的喜悦,有更多的追逐梦想的人,加入到菲林格尔的阵营中,有更多的消费者在享受我们的产品和服务,有更多的年轻人在菲林格尔成长,有更多的人在为我们菲林格尔中国一百年,薪火相传!   I am convinced thatwe will see more talents join Vohringer in the next three years. More peoplewill share their success, and more people will pursue their dreams. Morecustomers will choose our products and service, and more people will grow up inVohringer. More people will be devoted to the first one-hundred-year ofVohringer inChina!      我深知,我的梦想深深植根于菲林格尔的梦想,而菲林格尔的梦想又建立在无数个菲林格尔人的梦想之上,我们将致力于实现、推动每个人的梦想,无论你的梦想是伟大还是平凡,都值得我们尊重,都值得我们浇灌,但是梦想不会轻易实现,就让这首歌曲的歌词作为我演讲的结尾,让我们一起用心感受!   From the bottom ofmy heart, my dream is built on Vohringer’s dream deeply, and the Vohringer’sdream is built on numerous people who work in Vohringer. We will try our bestto make everyone’s dream come true. No matter your dream is great or normal,they are all worth our respect and care. But the dream is never easy torealize, now please let me to use a song as the end of my speech. Please enjoy,everyone! 如果骄傲没被现实大海冷冷拍下 又怎会懂得要多努力 才走得到远方 如果梦想不曾坠落悬崖 千钧一发 又怎会晓得执着的人 拥有隐形翅牓 把眼泪装在心上 会开出勇敢的花 可以在疲惫的时光 闭上眼睛闻到一种芬芳 就像好好睡了一夜直到天亮 又能边走着边哼着歌 用轻快的步伐 沮丧时总会明显感到 孤独的重量 多渴望懂得的人 给些温暖借个肩膀 很高兴一路上 我们的默契那么长 穿过风又绕个弯 心还连着像往常一样 最初的梦想紧握在手上 最想要去的地方 怎么能在半路就返航 最初的梦想绝对会到达 实现了真的渴望 才能够算到过了天堂
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